Fourteen roads remain cut off by smoke and ash from the fires of Cortes and Andilla

Go Local - July 2012

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nasafromspaceA total of fourteen roads are now closed because of the smoke and ash from the forest fires which started on Thursday and Friday in Cortes de Pallas and Andilla (Valencia).

On Saturday nine roads were closed in some sections, the number has since risen to 14 with the spread of fire to Los Serranos in the Castellon region of Alto Palencia. Affected roads are  CV-425 and CV-429 in Macastre, the CV-428 in Cortes de Pallas and the CV-435 in Dos Aguas.

The fire which started in Andilla, has caused the closure of the CV-345 and CV-341 in Villar

del Arzobispo, the CV-235 in Teresa, the CV-245 in Altura, the CV-241 and CV 235 in Sacanyet The CV-343 in Higueruelas, the CV-236 in Toras, the CV-245 in Casinos and CV-342 in Oset.

Saterlite Image of fires in Valencia