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BBC iPlayer now streaming through 3G mobile networks - but know your data limits

Michael Phillips, product director at Broadbandchoices.co.uk commented:
"32% of mobile phone users access the internet through their handset so the iPlayer app update for 3G is long overdue. Watching Eastenders on the train home from work could fast become a habit for over-enthusiastic iPlayer fans, however this raises the risk of breaching data limits and incurring hefty penalty charges as a result, particularly amongst younger customers as they are the biggest users of this type of service. Most smartphones come with a data cap of around 500MB or 1GB per month, so considering that an hour of TV viewing through iPlayer will set you back around 300MB there is serious potential for some nasty bill shocks at the end of the month. Ask yourself if finding out the latest Albert Square gossip is worth data charges of £2 per MB and think twice before streaming. Check the size of each file prior to downloading or use the below guide as a rule of thumb to keep track of your usage."

Watching a 3 minute music video on YouTube: 12MB
Downloading a movie of DVD quality: 1.5GB
Watching an hour of Downton Abbey on iPlayer: 300MB
Uploading a photo to send to family overseas: 2MB

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