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April 22 - April 24

Alcoy’s Moors and Christians festival in honour of San Jorge will amaze anyone who visits. For three days, gunpowder will thunder, and rhythmic marches and pasodobles will mark the many different filaes – troupes – that pass by in the parades. Check out the programme and don’t miss out on the magic.

Before the three big days, or the Trilogía Festera, Día de la Gloria and Día de los Músicos have their turn.

The first day of the fiesta, the Día de la Entrada, every filà has the chance to flaunt their costumes and show us their art. Dedicated to San Jorge, the second day welcomes the patron saint, who arrives in the form of a young boy, waving at the crowds. On this day there’ll also be parades so you can admire the outfits and choreographies. The third day is the last day of the fiesta, or the Día del Alardo. On this day, the various ambassadors from each side – the Moors and Christians – fight for the city in a reenacted battle. The castle is usurped again and again, until finally Sant Jordiet arrives to save the day, recreating the miracle that this celebration is based on. A fascinating tradition you can’t miss.

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