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EU politicians think Ukraine conflict is a video game – member state

Many European officials treat the ongoing crisis as if it’s a battle in Fortnite, Hungary’s foreign minister said

Many high-ranking politicians from the European Union are out of touch with reality when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Saturday.  

“A significant part of the European political elite has practically lost common sense. Some people imagine themselves in Fortnite,” Szijjarto said at a political event in Budapest, referring to a popular multiplayer video game.

They suffer from military psychosis, and, for some mysterious reason, believe that arms shipments can bring peace.” 

“It is clear to us that we need peace instead of weapons. Whoever brings weapons into our neighborhood, prolongs the war. And the longer the war, the more people will die and greater destruction will occur,” the diplomat said. 

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EU member vetoes new anti-Russia sanctions – US state media

Unlike many EU countries, Hungary has refused to send any weapons and other lethal aid to Ukraine, insisting that it is focused on finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict. 

Budapest also harshly criticized the European bloc’s sanctions on Russia. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has described the restrictions as a failure that only exacerbated the energy crisis and the already high inflation rates across the continent.

Earlier this month, Orban said that Kiev is “light years away” from joining the EU. Ukraine formally applied to become a member of the bloc in February 2022, hoping for an expedient accession in light of Russia’s military operation in the neighboring state. 


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