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EU nation resumes purchases of Russian gas

Czech Trade Minister Jozef Sikela has denounced the imports that began in October

Traders in the Czech Republic have recommenced the import of Russian natural gas since October, according to Jozef Sikela, the country’s Minister of Industry and Trade.

“There is no need to supply Russian gas to the Czech Republic,” Sikela wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday, adding that the nation has no problems with accumulating supplies for the upcoming winter.

“Despite this, this week, the Energy Regulatory Authority’s monthly report revealed that some companies began importing gas from Russia in October,” the minister stressed.

Sikela also said that Russian natural gas had constituted 1.2% of the country’s total gas deliveries from January to October.

The minister had previously stated that the nation had imported no gas from Russia in 2023 as it diversified supply sources and ways. He said the Czech Republic purchased gas from Norway and received liquefied natural gas (LNG) by sea through Western European ports.

“Russian gas supplies to the EU are targeted by sanctions, as some countries cannot do without it for now,” Sikela wrote in the latest post, highlighting that the Czech Republic managed to “completely eliminate its dependence on Russian gas.”

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At the same time, chief economist at Trinity Bank Lukas Kovanda told local media portal Echo24 that 40% of gas supplied to the country has Russian origin and is delivered via Lanzhot at the border with Slovakia.

The expert added that the Czech Republic also ramped up purchases of Russian oil, with imports in the first half of the current year exceeding the volumes obtained during the same period in all previous years since 2010.

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