Dumb Fighters Who Perish after their Dance of Death

Libyan rebels jubilantly clambering over Muammar Gaddafi’s tanks that were destroyed by NATO air strikes make headlines. Ignorance is bliss for these tanks have likely been taken out by American A-10 aircraft known as ‘warthogs’. As they breathe these foolish fighters are inhaling residue from the 30mm depleted uranium shells (DUA) that likely disabled these vehicles.

These shells are commonly used when destroying enemy armor. 10 tons of DUA were used in the Kosovo conflict and 1,000 tons during the invasion of Iraq. 320 tons of depleted uranium shells were used in the Gulf War. Commonplace the photographs of U.S. soldiers posing and grinning from the tops of wrecked tanks. If they knew no better it was because the U.S. Defense Department overlooked warning them of the toxic consequences. In fact, they told these unfortunate infantrymen DUA was harmless.

The 144th National Guard Supply Company; 24th Infantry Division collected 29 of their own armored vehicles hit by friendly fire. What they didn’t know was these vehicles were ‘hot’. Shipped back to the States they were sealed in radioactive waste dumps.

Of the 700,000 servicemen who served in the Gulf War 118,000 were struck down by Gulf War Syndrome (GWS). Symptoms include chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, joint pain, memory loss, anxiety problems, and suppression of the immune system. They were three times more likely to father children with birth defects.

DUA-tipped missiles go through toughened armor like a hot knife through butter producing a 10,000c fireball. Its residue can travel up to 25 miles from the point of impact. It is potent for 4.4 billion years and according to the U.S. Environmental Policy Institute ‘has the potential to generate significant medical consequences.’

Alexander Miller of the U.S. Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute told the Guardian: ‘People always assumed low doses are not much of a problem but they can cause more damage than people think.’

The NATO authorities were in denial but eventually forced to concede that 130,000 troops had been exposed to chemical weapons when a single Iraqi arms depot at Kamisiyah was targeted.

Official figures reveal a ten-fold increase in the cancer rate throughout Basra in Iraq where birth defects have soared. The area was saturated with depleted uranium missiles from cannon shells to bullets and armored vehicle coating. The U.S. sells DUA to Israel and Pakistan. Washington and Britain are sending these indestructible depleted uranium ammunition shells to Ukraine.

DUA residue is impossible to remove; seepage takes it into farmland and water courses. Because of the danger associated with it a sub-committee of the U.N. found the weapons violated seven international agreements, including the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions. More than 120 countries have banned the use of DUA

In Libya, U.S. bombers have been dropping CBU-103, 104, 105, and AGM-154 A and B cluster bombs. The failure rate is between 5 and 23 percent. For Libya, the wars of colonialists never end. They are still clearing minefields seeded during World War Two.

Should it concern Europeans? For thousands of North African refugees, Libya is the door to Europe. Gaddafi warned: ‘If you come, I will unleash hell in Europe and take over the Mediterranean.’ We could soon be getting our own back. 

Dumb Fighters Who Perish after their Dance of Death 5

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