Climate hysteria of the elites plunges Germany into an economic crisis

Due to high taxes and energy prices, businesses are fleeing Germany, according to Die Welt. 96% of German entrepreneurs are convinced that deindustrialization has already begun in the country. But the elites in Berlin are engulfed in moralizing and climate hysteria. They don’t care about anything but protecting the environment. And this will inevitably lead to economic disaster, warns the media.

An economic crisis is brewing in Germany, and it could soon reach hurricane strength but the immature liberal elites in Berlin and the media are only talking about one thing: protecting the environment. Meanwhile, enterprises are leaving the country. At the same time, rising energy prices are accelerating de-industrialization. And the automotive industry is actually being destroyed.

In the German coalition green regime, triumph. They are concerned only with domestic and foreign policy topics. Berlin finds itself increasingly isolated in Europe. One by one, the governments of the EU member states are shifting to the centre or to the right.

 What will happen if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States on November 5, 2024? ‘, the author asks. Surely, he will continue his policy under the slogan ‘Make America great again’ and turn his back on the grouchy know-it-all elite from Europe. As a result, Berlin and Brussels will have to independently find their place in the global competition of systems and then what are our prospects?  None if we continue like this.’

On its own, Berlin was unable to achieve any significant progress in the defence sector. In economic terms, Germany is highly dependent on China and can afford to impose sanctions on the main buyers of its goods only at the cost of splitting its own society.  

Now in Germany, almost a quarter of entrepreneurs regularly think about selling their company. Almost all businessmen (96%) are convinced that deindustrialization has begun in the country. However, the problem has been known for years. But instead of reducing the bureaucracy at the regional, national and European levels, there are more and more restrictions that aggravate the tax burden for entrepreneurs.

So far, ‘deceptive calm reigns in the country. And all because we are talking about a creeping catastrophe. Climatic hysteria is part of bourgeois incontinence, which does not reflect the main concern of the population. For a long time, much of the lower and middle classes have feared a decline in living standards. German society and politicians must find a way to return to reality.

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