immediately after snatching a cross from an evicted priest and throwing it to the ground

Divine Wrath? Activists who assault Russian Churches in Ukraine Keep Dropping Dead

We are certainly beginning to experience days of miracles and Divine Wrath. Activists who assault Russian Churches in Ukraine keep dropping dead. There was a time when people might have even questioned the stories they heard of miracles of old, and say to themselves, ‘Could such things really have happened?’

But now it is hard to deny that the world grows starker, the choice between good and evil clearer with each passing day. And it can be said that those who take time out of their busy lives to come and persecute the Children of God while they pray, for some of them, the final judgment will not be delayed but that their Day of Reckoning is upon them.
Although we cannot independently confirm these stories of Divine Justice, they are making big waves in Russian internet circles, and the wider world deserves to be aware of them as well. Here are three stories to call us to repentance and show the glory and power of God.

The series of deaths in Ukraine of people involved in attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church leads to quite definite thoughts.
‘The Countdown of the Dead’ was opened by a white-haired idiot who rode a goat around the religious singing Ekaterina Yershova who was praying on her knees in the midst of a raging crowd of non-believers and a baying anti-Russian mob. In a short time, this idiot blasphemer found himself in an ambulance showing no signs of life.

The second case of the instantaneous punishment of heaven is generally confused. The following is known. On April 8, 2023, on Lazarus Saturday, Ukrainian blasphemers of the anti-Russian breakaway church stormed the Church of the canonical Russian Orthodox Church in the Kyiv region. During the forcible seizure of the church, one of the anti-Russian Church activists suddenly died.

The rector of the church, Archpriest Vasily, said that the attackers knocked the Russian priest to the ground and dragged him by the chain on which the Orthodox cross hung. They demanded from him that he no longer hold divine services and go to live somewhere else. ‘The police officers who were on the scene did not prevent the robbery,’ the priest said.
During the attack, one of the invaders began shouting threats that he would hang everyone, and he then tore off the cross from priest Andrey Olenin and threw it to the ground. In the next instant, the attacker fell to the ground, writhed in convulsions and died.

The seizure of the Russian Church was organized by the deputy mayor of Kagarlyk. According to some sources, Ivan Semtsov died during a fracas.
The third person who was killed in a car accident was a former MP, former head of the Christian Democratic Union party, 64-year-old Volodymyr Stretovich, who the day before took an active part and led the seizure of one of the churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Here the providence of the Lord did not manifest itself so clearly. But the stage of coincidences was closed by the deceased so it’s time to think about the consistency of such cases.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan (Archbishop) Pavel has been placed under house arrest by the Ukrainian police and banned from meeting with his congregation. Priests are dragged out of churches by armed men during services in front of distressed parishioners, as was the case in the Chernivtsi region.

Against the background of the persecution of (Russian) Orthodoxy, the Ukrainian authorities began to call priests, seminarians and monks of the UOC to the frontlines. In the Kyiv-Pechersk monastery, as of the evening of April 10, there are already several dozen subpoenas.

Even Metropolitan Clement was not spared. In the footage that appeared online, the police are trying to hand a summons to the white-haired chairman of the UOC Information and Education Department. Priests are beaten and threatened with death. And all this during Holy Orthodox Holy Week! There is a feeling Ukraine needs to be treated with ammunition of a different kind – sprinkle it with shells filled with holy water.

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