Singles Stableford Golf Competition at Oliva Nova

News Spain - March 2014

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oivaToday Tuesday 4th of March 2014, we played a Singles Stableford Competition at Oliva Nova, and there were 48 players. 
We were delighted to have four guests to Pego Golf Society today, namely Simon Fox, Robert Jenkins, Brian Barden, and Terry Leonard.
We had a guest prize and that was won by Brian Barden with 30 points off 22 handicap
This morning, the wind was howling at more than 30 km per hour, with gusts in excess of 40 km per hour, so many of the holes were inaccessible in the normal number of shots, and we see this, as we look at the overall scores.
This reflected by the very low scores in today’s competition.
The CBA (Computer Buffer Adjustment) of the course was -4, which reflects the degree of difficulty both playing with the wind and against the wind
For Division 1 Winners
1st Place:- Trevor Baker 35 Points off 9.8 Handicap
2nd Place:- Dave Collins   31 Points off 11.2 Handicap
3rd Place :- Dave O’Connor 29 Points off 16.0 Handicap
4th Place :- Andrew Harrison 27 Points off 11.8 Handicap.
Trevor, in these conditions, this was a magnificent display of controlled aggression. Truly amazing !!!
Division 2 Winners
1st Place:- Bill Pike 31 Points off 19.0 Handicap
2nd Place :- Larry Ryder 27 Points off 24.1 Handicap
3rd Place :- Lyn Harrison 27 Points off 22.6 Handicap
4th Place :- Jan Baker 26 Points off 27.5 Handicap
Congratulations to all those above who won today, especially Jan Baker.
There was 1 two today, and that was by our vice captain Brendan Young, but as he had not put his name down for the same competition, he could not win, so it was a rollover until next week.
The “Balls in the Water” prize was not won today as the total was the second highest total on record, with a massive 162 balls in the water, which is only two balls short of our most ever balls in the water, since records began..
Nearest the hole at Hole No 3 with 4.72 meters was Malcolm Wise, and at hole No 16 the closest was Jan Baker, with a magnificent 1.85 meters.
Our Costablanca League captain Steve Patton congratulated the team on their honourable draw with Campbell Lamont Golf Society last Friday at Bonalba Golf Course. 
Next week we have a new competition at Oliva Nova Golf Club, and that is a “Pairs Competition” and if any guest would like to play with the Pego Golf Society, and who wouldn’t, please enter through our website www.pegogolfsociety.com or send an e-mail to Donna Green at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it