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Combating abusive subcontracting practices, what more can be done? [Advocacy Lab Content]

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In December 2023, a provisional agreement was reached on a corporate sustainability due diligence Directive, with a primary goal of enhancing human rights protection.

However, this Directive does not cover all companies and their operations, including their subcontracting chains.

The construction sector holds significant importance in the EU, providing 18 million direct jobs and contributing to approximately 9% of the EU’s GDP, according to the European Commission.

On 20 March, the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) will host an event addressing abusive subcontracting practices. The focus will be on practices that undermine fair competition, and integrity of the Single Market, and result in social dumping and exploitation of third-country nationals.

This report will examine abusive subcontracting practices and explore additional measures to combat them.

Abusive subcontracting detrimental to all workers, says European trade workers’ union

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When done abusively to cut costs and circumvent regulations, subcontracting is detrimental to both the subcontracted workers and local workforces who end up approaching the negotiating table from weaker positions, says a leading European trade unionist.



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