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China says its Ukraine peace plan is winning support

Beijing has snubbed Kiev’s invitation to the “peace summit” in Switzerland

The roadmap for settling the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, proposed by China and Brazil, has already been supported by two dozen countries, Beijing’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said. 

Beijing has turned down an invitation to participate in the “peace summit” in Switzerland later this month, to Kiev’s displeasure, arguing that such meetings are pointless if Moscow isn’t invited.

During a joint press-conference with his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan in Beijing on Tuesday, Wang announced that 26 countries have confirmed that they are willing to agree upon or are considering endorsing the “common understandings” reached by Brazil and China last month.

Another 45 countries from five continents have given “positive feedback” to the ideas formulated by the two BRICS nations, Wang said. He urged more countries to support the initiative, as “the world needs… more objective, balanced, conducive and constructive voices on the Ukraine crisis.”

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According to Wang, Russia and Ukraine have also “affirmed most of the content” of the proposal.

However, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded to Wang’s comments by condemning China’s non-participation in the “Global Peace Summit” in Lucerne. Only Ukraine should define what peace looks like, and the “only just foundation” for it would be Vladimir Zelensky’s “peace formula,” Kiev insisted. 

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The proposal formulated by China and Brazil last month includes three principles for de-escalating hostilities in Ukraine, including no expansion of the battlefield, no escalation of fighting, and no provocation by any party. It singled out diplomacy as the only way to settle the conflict, urging an international peace conference to be staged that would be recognized by both Russia and Ukraine.

The Chinese government believes that “conditions are not yet ready for peace talks” between Russia and Ukraine, Wang said on Tuesday. 

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin reiterated last month that he was ready to look for a diplomatic solution, but added that holding any talks without Moscow – as the Swiss “summit” intends to do – was “nonsense.”


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