Cheap International Call Provider Praise The Recent Reduction In EU Mobile Roaming Charges


Since the 1st July 2013, using a mobile phone within EU countries has become much cheaper. Since 2007, the European commission has been working hard to reduce roaming charges for those travelling throughout Europe. It seems now that the commission has just taken another step forward in the campaign to further cap roaming charges.

The introduction of further reduced caps on roaming prices is a great win for all mobile phone owners throughout the UK. A spokesperson from Firstnumber, a cheap international calls provider, praised the recent news:

“It’s evident that the European commission are trying hard to reduce the barrier between domestic and foreign mobile charges. The change on the 1st of July confirmed this. The cost and fear of using your mobile phone in another country is slowly diminishing.”

The changes already implemented ensures that consumers will not be charged more than €0.24 (roughly 21p), to make a call. €0.07 (roughly 6p) per minute to receive a call and the price for sending a text costing no more than €0.08 (roughly 7p). The cost of a megabyte of data has been capped at €45 (Roughly 38p). Note that all of the above costs are excluding VAT.

The Firstnumber spokesperson went on to say:

“The most interesting statistic has to be the cost of downloading data. Since 2007 the European commission has announced that the cost of downloading data, looking at maps, checking emails and sending pictures is 91% cheaper than 2007. With a 36% reduction since last year alone”.., who provide cheap international calls to over 500 countries worldwide, understand the costs involved when calling family and friends who live in or are simply visiting another country. Their cheap international call rates allow local and foreign visitors to cut their landline and mobile phone bills, for anyone dialling abroad from anywhere within the UK.”

About Firstnumber: is an online phone directory offering direct dial access codes that reduce the cost of making international calls from both UK landlines and mobile phones. Providing cheap international calls to over 500 countries that include cheap calls to Australia, Germany, France, Italy and many more. was launched in 2004 and is a trading style of Wavecrest.

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