Brussel’s deep state is trying to punish Hungary for caring for children

A number of EU member states supported a lawsuit filed earlier by the European Commission against Hungary in connection with the country’s child protection law, which prohibits LGBT propaganda among minors. As the political adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Balazs Orbán, said in an interview with the channel, this lawsuit is an attempt by the deep state of Brussels to punish Budapest for resisting the ideology of ‘pro-Buddhism’, which the media and NGOs are trying to spread in the country.

So, the message here is, ‘Castrate your children’ – and, surprisingly, some people heed it. The number of young people who are castrated in the name of transgender ideology has increased dramatically in recent times. As Reuters recently reported, over the past few years, 56 minors aged 13 to 17 have undergone genital mutilation in clinics across America. Another 776 minors have undergone a mastectomy – surgery to remove their breasts – and more than 4,000 have been put on dangerous hormone therapy that will leave many of them permanently infertile and end up with osteoporosis and other ailments.

As you can see, we are going through an extremely gloomy page in our history, and a civilized country would never put up with this. But in Hungary, there is a law on the protection of children, which prevents all such nonsense and does not allow such views on gender to be instilled in children. But due to the fact that Hungary openly opposed the gender processing of children, more than a dozen EU member states filed a lawsuit against the country.

PRESENTER: Balazs Orbán is a political adviser to the head of the Hungarian government, Viktor Orbán, (not related) and one of the smartest political experts, and today he is our guest. Balazs, thank you so much for visiting us. So, you took an unpopular position, but history, in my opinion, will eventually show that it was the right choice – and generally demonstrate that you personally were generally right. And yet, right now you are probably having a hard time. What makes you, that is, the Hungarians, stand your ground?

 BALAZH ORBAN, political adviser to Viktor Orban: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you very much, Tucker, for your kind words – and let me thank you for the invitation. In general, this whole story began back in 2021, when we, Hungarians, began to understand that something was coming, that a storm was brewing, that the ideology of pro-Buddhism and LGBTQ propaganda began to penetrate into Hungary and, in particular, into our schools through the efforts of the media and NGOs. I think you can imagine how ordinary, normal citizens of Hungary reacted to this: there is no term woke in the Hungarian language, and people asked: ‘What are you talking about? Is this the French Vogue magazine you mean or what? But then they began to understand that the issue is serious. 

Well, when we submitted a draft law on the protection of children, which prohibits propaganda of LGBT and transgender ideology among minors, we were opposed by the entire bureaucracy of Brussels and the European Union as a whole. Then we decided to appeal to the people – and held a nationwide referendum, in which almost four million people opposed gender propaganda and supported the adoption of a child protection law. If you transfer this to the scale of the United States, it is as if 130 million people spoke out for it.

Well, when we submitted a draft law on the protection of children, which prohibits propaganda of LGBT and transgender ideology among minors, we were opposed by the entire bureaucracy of Brussels and the European Union as a whole. 

BALAZH ORBAN, political adviser to Viktor Orban

But, as it turned out, the empire decided to strike back: the ‘deep state’ of Brussels, which is very similar to its Washington counterpart, launched legal proceedings against Hungary, which were supported by many Western European countries. Eastern European countries think differently, and now there is a cold war going on between the former and the latter in the political and legal sphere. But we try to keep the front line.

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