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Furniture store Procomobel provided a perfect setting for an Art Competition last Saturday.  With 43 entries there was a lot excellent work on show from very talented artists.  Winners of the three sections were Beginners, painting for less than one year, 1st Jackie Hall, 2nd Rod Day and joint 3rd Jenny Robbins and Christiana Stame. Intermediates, painting for between one and three years, Ist Dee Corpe, with Iris Luke taking both 2nd and 3rd! and then Experienced artists, those who have been painting for over three years, Ist John Boak who was a winner at the first PCN competition also held at Procomobel with then three artists, Gloria Howes, Pat Rae and Gail Watson all taking joint second place!   All winners were presented with a certificate and a bottle of Cava by Judge Jenny Deakin.  Paul Cunningham Nurses would like to say a big thank you to Anne Day who lives in Quesada and did a great deal to help organise this Art Competition and to Jenny Deakin and our other two judges who stepped in at the last minute one of whom was Colin known as ‘the oatcake man’!  Also thanks to Cesar at Procomobel who turned over part of the furniture store to house the competition in lovely room settings within Procomobel.

One of the judges Jenny Deakin an artist herself, travelled with her friend Gill  Swift all the way from Banyeres de Mariola to judge the competition.  Jenny said, “There was some really good artwork, it has stirred something up inside me and I’m now going to see if there are any art competitions I can enter.”  Jenny lives in Banyeres de Mariola and would be very interested to hear from anyone in her area who would like to get together and perhaps form a small art group.   Jenny told Susan Reader fundraiser for Paul Cunningham Nurses, “I was always the kid with a paint brush felt-tips or crayons in hand.  I would paint/draw on anything I could find, boxes, old rolls of wallpaper, scrap paper etc.  In 1988 my late granddad gave me some oil paints and my love of painting was reborn, I discovered I had a talent for painting animals and started to take commissions and in 1991 ‘Your Horse’ magazine ran a short story competition, with the winner getting a portrait done by me.”

Susanne Sayers local art teacher and artist herself was a happy lady on the day as six out of eleven of her students were placed and one artist Gloria Howes won the special draw of a boat trip in the Mar Menor which was kindly donated by the sailing association SAMM.

Paul Cunningham Nurses have many events planned for 2012 the next being a Fashion Show with Looking Good Boutique on Friday April 20th at La Herradura Restaurant in Los Montesinos and then on Sunday 6th May we are teaming up with Bay Radio for Be Nice Day and a 5k.m. walk around Rojales and Quesada all on the flat and visiting one or two bars along the way!!  For the serious walkers we will also have a 10k.m walk along the river, please see  or call or email             639 318 526” style=”color:rgb(0, 0, 204);outline-style:none;outline-width:initial;outline-color:initial;font-family:’Lucida Grande’, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px;line-height:normal”>

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