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Apple co-founder hospitalized following suspected stroke – media

However, TMZ claims Steve Wozniak’s condition is far less serious, having been taken to hospital with vertigo

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been hospitalized in Mexico City, several news outlets have reported. Local media say the 73-year-old may have suffered a stroke, while other publications suggested that his condition was far less serious.

The famous tech entrepreneur was scheduled to give a speech at a World Business Forum event in the Mexican capital on Wednesday afternoon. However, according to Mexico’s REFORMA media outlet, citing conference sources, his presentation was canceled as Wozniak had to be taken to hospital over a “cerebrovascular accident.

Other Mexican media outlets claimed the American computer scientist had been taken in for an “urgent MRI scan,” and that his condition was stable.

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Meanwhile, TMZ media outlet, citing “sources with direct knowledge,” reported that Wozniak did deliver his address, but told his wife soon afterwards that he was “feeling strange.” He then reportedly started exhibiting unspecified symptoms that worried his spouse Janet Hill, who eventually insisted that Wozniak be placed under medical supervision.

According to the US media outlet, the Apple co-founder was undergoing tests, with several members of his team heading to Mexico City to check on his condition.

In 1976, Wozniak, together with the late Steve Jobs, founded the Apple Computer company, which would become a leading developer and manufacturer of personal computers, laptops and other consumer electronics. The firm rose to international fame with its signature iPhone cell phones.


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