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Anti-Israel protesters disrupt Kamala Harris appearance on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

The pro-Palestinian demonstrators shouted down the US vice president, calling her a murderer and a supporter of “genocide” in Gaza

A recording of Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show featuring US Vice President Kamala Harris was disrupted by anti-Israel protesters who shouted her down on Tuesday, accusing her of supporting “genocide” in Gaza.

A video of the incident was shared by the anti-war Code Pink group, which describes itself as a “feminist grassroots organization” devoted to ending “US warfare and imperialism.” 

In the footage, several activists can be heard interrupting the recording of the show by shouting out “Stop the genocide” and “You’re a murderer” at Harris.

“15,000 children are dead because of you,” one protester could be heard yelling. “You need to stop sending money to Israel,” another shouted, while others called the vice president a “war criminal” and a “f**king murderer” as they waved a Palestinian flag.

Kamala Harris’ Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance disrupted by “Code Pink” activists shouting, “Stop the genocide!” and “You’re a murderer!” in protest of her support for Israel.

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While both Kimmel and Harris appeared to ignore the comments as the show’s live band played over the shouting, the protesters were eventually approached by security personnel and escorted out of the studio.

The video posted by Code Pink later cuts to a conversation with one of the security personnel presenting himself as a police officer and telling the activists that they were under arrest, demanding their IDs.

The group was then kicked out of the venue, where they continued to shout pro-Palestinian slogans such as “Ceasefire now” and “Free Palestine.”

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In a press release on Wednesday, the Code Pink activists claimed they had been assaulted and forcibly removed from the Jimmy Kimmel recording by security personnel, calling this an “unprovoked and completely unnecessary” act of violence. They demanded an apology from the show’s organizers.

The group also called for an arms embargo and cessation of aid to Israel, as well as calling for a permanent ceasefire to end the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank.


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