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America doesn’t have a president – Musk

The US executive branch has actually been lacking a proper head “for a while,” the billionaire entrepreneur has suggested

The US does not have an actual president and has not had one “for a while,” Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has suggested.

Musk took to his X (formerly Twitter) social media network to dip into the ongoing political debacle in the aftermath of the debates between US President Joe Biden and former leader Donald Trump. He reposted a message by another user, with a screenshot of an opinion piece run by the New York Times, titled “Does America need a president?”

“Real question … since we obviously haven’t had one for a while lmao,” Musk wrote.

Real question … since we obviously haven’t had one for a while lmao https://t.co/NsyAROCW8a

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 5, 2024

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The piece itself, penned by social conservative columnist Ross Douthat, polemizes with other authors on the role of the president in American society, on whether a dysfunctional president can be fully substituted by others in the executive branch, the impact such a ‘leader’ has on decision-making and accountability, and other topics.

Douthat himself has been arguing long before the disastrous debate that Biden “needs to be replaced because it would be incredibly dangerous to have a senescent president in the White House for the next four years – and not just because Democrats fear he might lose to Trump in November.”


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