Advice from the Guardia Civil Spain

At the Presentation last Thursday by the Guardia Civil amongst covering a good number of Crime Prevention measures, the following points made by them are worth bearing in mind and making sure that all are aware of them:-

1) If you return home and find that your house has been broken and/or suspect that persons are still inside, try to remain calm and do NOT enter but call the Police immediately,  using the 112 system. If you have entered the property do not disturb anything, but wait outside. The Guardia Civil or Policia Local will attend as fast as they can and assess whether  a scientific examination should take place such as the search for fingerprints, etc.

2) If you confront a thief in your house, you are only allowed to use as much force as is deemed reasonable to detain him as the use of excessive force could be construed as an assault on him.

3) If you are the victim of a street robbery, do not resist as you may be injured in the attempt but remain calm and try to take notice of any description of the assailant and vehicle which may have been used including the Registered number. Call the Police immediately, Of course, it is better in the first to only carry with you what you will need at the time and not documents which will be difficult to replace.

4) If you see a person acting suspiciously call the Police immediately having attempted to obtain any vehicle registered number being used. Do not hesitate or be afraid to do so even if it turns out later to be persons acting lawfully. The Police will be grateful of such calls providing they are made in good faith.

5) Please take photographs of all your valuable jewelery and items. Also make a note of all the serial numbers of cameras, electrical equipment, etc and record them in a safe place. This will help immensely should they be stolen and recovered by the Police.

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