A Suspended Coffee, Please

A poorly dressed man asked for a ‘Suspended’ coffee in a cafe. I was very surprised when I learned what this meant! A few years ago, I sat with a friend in a small cozy cafe near the famous city of Venice. While we were enjoying incredibly delicious Italian coffee, a man came into the cafe. He asked the waiter who approached him for two coffees – one for him and the other for ‘on the wall.’

We began to observe this scene with interest and saw that they brought him one cup of coffee, while he paid for two. When the man left, the bartender wrote on the piece of paper: ‘a cup of coffee.’ And hung that paper on the wall.

We sat in the cafe for a long time and noticed two more men paying for three cups of coffee, and the bartender wrote ‘cup of coffee’ on another piece of paper and hung it on the wall next to the first one. It was something amazing and incomprehensible for us. We’re done talking, paid the bill and left.

A few days later we were back in this establishment and enjoyed a strong coffee. At this time, a poorly dressed man went into a cafe, looked at the wall and sat down at the bar counter. Sitting down on the chair, he asked the bartender: ‘A cup of hanging coffee, please.’

The bartender immediately poured him a cup of espresso and served it furiously, like any other customer, while wishing him a good morning. The man drank the coffee, thanked him and left without paying a cent.

At this time, the bartender took a piece of paper off the wall and threw it in the trash. We were very surprised. The respect shown here for the needy and their needs has warmed our souls and made our eyes moist.

It is very important here that a person is not forced to humiliate himself by asking for something he cannot acquire for one or other reason. He just sees that he can get a free coffee here and that coffee is served with respect as any customer, regardless of whether he paid for it or paid for it before. And customers are richer just like that – out of a good mood, they can ‘hang’ a cup of coffee without compulsion. And the world gets kinder and warmer.

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