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A Miserable End of the Ukraine Fiasco faces the hapless Western Alliance

Neither the so-called counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the support of NATO, the EU and the United States nor the coup attempt could weaken Russia. In fact, Moscow today has huge advantages in terms of weapons and military contingent not to mention its standing tall in the world.

If Russia fully uses its potential, only Kyiv and Lviv on the border with Poland will be left for the Jewish President Vladimir Zelensky of a fragmented country. The only way to salvage something from a fiasco far worse than the Afghanistan debacle is to save at least the remaining areas.

Western media disinformation about the events in Ukraine, imposed on the world by the West, is gradually fading away. Why? Because of the failed spring offensive despite the support of NATO, the EU and the United States made an impact on the political authority and triumph of Vladimir Putin. 

Meanwhile, President Putin, having skilfully repelled the latest attacks made by the West made the first counter-move by suspending the agreement on the Black Sea grain corridor. Another own goal by the Western Alliance: In response to this move, the UN, fearing a global food crisis, sounded the alarm.

The panic-stricken EU and the US tirelessly call on Erdogan to again assume the role of leader in resolving the crisis. However, this new move by Putin will not be limited to the aggravation of the food crisis, which, like problems in the energy sector, will primarily affect European countries.

Against the background of depleted stocks of weapons, the United States is trying to prolong the military conflict by sending to Ukraine cluster bombs, the use of which is considered a war crime, F-16 fighters and ATACMS tactical missiles with a range of 300 km. But, as it becomes clear, this will also not give any results that the West needs so much. 

Vladimir Putin, who repels attacks from Ukraine and the United States without harming himself, has nothing to worry about. While Ukraine struggles to find fighters and ammunition to send to the front, Russia has a huge and accelerating advantage in terms of weapons and troops.

Therefore, the longer Ukraine’s flailing against the grain agreement continues, the more likely it is that Russia will continue to gain strength to launch its own offensive, for example, in late summer or early autumn.

 In this case, Russia, having further strengthened its position in the strategically important Crimea and the mineral-rich Donetsk and Luhansk, will be able to occupy Kharkiv, considered the lifeblood of Ukrainian industry, and even Odessa, Ukraine’s gateway to the world. In this case, only Kyiv and Lviv on the border with Poland will remain for Volodymyr Zelensky from a mutilated country.

From the point of view of many analysts, the current situation offers an opportunity for Ukraine and America. Now is the time to develop a diplomatic path to end the military conflict. However, the US is not in favour of ending hostilities. On the contrary, they seek to aggravate the armed confrontation as much as possible and turn the Ukrainian crisis into an endless confrontation between Russia, NATO and the EU. This too will fail.

Back in March of this year, US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin spoke about the successful outcome of the hapless spring offensive of the Ukrainian army re-equipped by the West. 

Now the disappointment of ‘experts’ who relied on such comments is extremely chastening. And even sadder, the course of hostilities revealed the bitter truth: Ukraine can no longer force Russia out of the territories it annexed by military means, no matter how many people and weapons are sent to the front. Thus, the only salvation for Ukraine, no matter how tragic it may sound, is through the search for a solution that would allow it to save at least the remaining areas. 

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