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A Family Tail

Willow was one of life’s unfortunates. She was living rough in the campo, trying her best to nurture her 3 young pups – and to top it all, she had a broken leg. Hard to imagine the pain she must have gone through. How did she manage to get enough food to sustain herself and her pups?
Willow’s lucky break came when she was spotted by a PEPA volunteer – and just in time too. As fast as the pups were growing bigger and stronger, Willow was getting weaker and weaker trying to nourish them. 
It still took weeks of patience and daily feeding to be able to handle the puppies. The transition from running away and hiding in the bushes to running out to meet the meals on wheels lady was a slow one, but so satisfying when the pups could eventually be stroked. Willow remained very nervous but could eventually be caught.
Willow eventually had to have her leg amputated. She is far less nervous now and is regaining her trust in the human race. She is being fostered by a charity in Malaga and it’s hoped to eventually get her adopted outside of Spain.
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As to the 3 pups: 
Bibi has been happily adopted. Sandy and Chloe are now sterilised and are in foster care awaiting their forever homes.

 (Please contact the Animal Charity P.E.P.A. on 650 304 746 or telephone Pat on 96 283 3325 if you’d like to find out more about Sandy and Chloe – or any of our other dogs.

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