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Friends Alcossebre
Alcossebre FriendsAlcossebre Friends ALCOSSEBRE The Friends of Alcossebre - “Supporting our Community”         Are your thoughts turning to the cooler weather?  The Friends of Alcossebre’s new autumn season’s stock is now available...Read More >>
Russell Grant Comes out of his shell!Picture the countdown commotion to nine o’clock behind the scenes at Television Centre, there are people rushing here and there checking make-up, checking lighting, checking sound levels and...Read More >>
Age Concern
AGE CONCERN SPAINAfghanistan Conflict - 10th Anniversary -  October 2011 This October marks the 10th anniversary of British military operations in the Afghanistan conflict. The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA)...Read More >>
Your UK town?
HOW DOES YOUR HOME TOWN RATE    Traffic congestion rises across the UK says new report Top 10 most traffic clogged cities in the UK1 London2 Edinburgh3 Oxford4 Belfast5 Bradford6 Manchester...Read More >>
Online shopping:Online shopping: cross-border deliveries found reliable but few traders sell abroad in the EU  Have you been tempted by a cheaper online offer from another EU country but wondering how...Read More >>
Northern Rock launches new Fixed Rate e-ISAsNorthern Rock has launched three new online issues of its Fixed Rate Cash e-ISA to complement its competitive portfolio of internet-based savings accounts.e-ISA offers those who prefer to operate...Read More >>
Your TV
Important News BBC Frequency ChangesImportant News: BBC Frequency changes and loss of BBC News on some satellite systems.  The BBC recently changed the frequencies for three of its channels: BBC News, BBC Parliament, and...Read More >>
2010, biggest recipient of EU funds SpainThe annual financial report is out: what the EU budget helped to achieve in 2010 The European Commission is released its yearly financial report on 30 September. The report presents detailed...Read More >>
Rescue aid for Spanish savings banksState aid: Commission temporarily approves rescue aid for Spanish savings banks NCG Banco, Catalunya Banc and Unnim Banc The European Commission has granted temporary approval, under EU state aid rules,...Read More >>


English Churh Services for Late AutumnPaul Needle  Regular services and special events mark the late Autumn season at St Christopher’s English speaking church which covers an area of coast from Castellon to...Read More >>
The Fruits Of HarvestPaul Needle After some 120 people shared in three harvest services organised by St Christopher’s English speaking church – with a fine array of fruit, vegetables and...Read More >>
Poppies Call To Remembrance PrayersPoppies Call To Remembrance PrayersPaul Needle  As British Legion poppies go on sale across the region St Christopher’s English speaking church is planning three services of Remembrance on Sunday...Read More >>
Ebro River
Retirement village Tarragona Retirement village TarragonaPaul Needle RETIREMENT VILLAGE DREAM MOVES A STAGE FORWARD A woman’s dream of setting up a pioneering retirement village north of the River Ebro Delta  has moved...Read More >>
Gardening In Spain
LIVE WELL FROM YOUR GARDENLIVE WELL FROM YOUR GARDENClodagh and Dick Handscombe By Clodagh and Dick Handscombe Practical holistic gardeners living in Spain for 25 Years.  Our garden in Spain has evolved over twenty five years...Read More >>
EU News
New EU rules consumer rightsEuropean CommissionThe new EU Consumer Rights Directive has been formally adopted today by Member States in the EU's Council of Ministers. The new legislation will strengthen...Read More >>





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