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ADSL Internet PLUS unlimited calls Reduced to 48.28€/month!ADSL Internet PLUS unlimited calls Reduced to 48.28€/month!Trader Spain2014-05-19 10:38
The Phone House,Talk and You Internet providers in Spain have reduced the monthly fee on their Adsl Internet with unlimited calls package. There are 2 packages to choose from package 1 with unlimited calls in Spain and package 2 with unlimited calls in Spain and other european countries including the UK. Plus 60 mins of calls to mobiles in Spain are incuded each month.   Package 2. Adsl and Unlimited Calls in Spain and multiple countries  ADSL Internet up to 20MB Unlimited Calls to landines Spain, Germany, USA, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, UK, Russia and Sweden. Calls to Spanish mobiles 60min/month free! Line Rental           ...
Arts and crafts in the Lumberjack  Festival in CofrentesArts and crafts in the Lumberjack Festival in CofrentesTrader Spain2014-04-13 13:39
  On 3 May Cofrentes celebrates its La Maderada festival for the seventh time. That same weekend Amata will organise, for the second year running, an Arts and Crafts market. Perhaps Cofrentes is not just around the corner, but the combination of wandering round a pretty village, watching the Lumberjack Festival activities and visiting an original craft market makes for a good excuse to spend a weekend here. As the name suggests, the festival has something to do with wood (madera in Spanish). In the 18th and 19th century most people in Cofrentes earned a living by floating timber along the rivers...

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  This week we had the pleasure of meeting celebrity entertainer recently turned author Jeri Lane, on what can only be described as his whistle stop tour between Britain, Spain and New York. We asked Jeri why he had now turned his talents to writing, not only his first book “Beyond Repair, The shocking Truth” a childhood autobiography but a second book colourfully titled “Benidorm Bullshit, Backstabbing and Bitches” and a third book and stage play in the planning. To our surprise Jeri was extremely frank, honest, open to the point of jaw dropping as we discussed the past eighteen months...
Rental Property in Spain - New Laws Trader Spain2012-08-25 09:01
TENANTS who fail to pay their rent could be evicted within 10 days, according to minister of public works Ana Pastor. Once a landlord has officially reported a renter for non-payment in court, the offending occupant will then have the option to hand over the rent owed to avoid being turfed out. If the tenant does not do so in time, the judge  may declare the rental contract null and void and the occupant will be forced to leave the premises immediately.