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ADSL Internet PLUS unlimited calls Reduced to 48.28€/month!ADSL Internet PLUS unlimited calls Reduced to 48.28€/month!Trader Spain2014-05-19 10:38
The Phone House,Talk and You Internet providers in Spain have reduced the monthly fee on their Adsl Internet with unlimited calls package. There are 2 packages to choose from package 1 with unlimited calls in Spain and package 2 with unlimited calls in Spain and other european countries including the UK. Plus 60 mins of calls to mobiles in Spain are incuded each month.   Package 2. Adsl and Unlimited Calls in Spain and multiple countries  ADSL Internet up to 20MB Unlimited Calls to landines Spain, Germany, USA, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, UK, Russia and Sweden. Calls to Spanish mobiles 60min/month free! Line Rental           ...
Arts and crafts in the Lumberjack  Festival in CofrentesArts and crafts in the Lumberjack Festival in CofrentesTrader Spain2014-04-13 13:39
  On 3 May Cofrentes celebrates its La Maderada festival for the seventh time. That same weekend Amata will organise, for the second year running, an Arts and Crafts market. Perhaps Cofrentes is not just around the corner, but the combination of wandering round a pretty village, watching the Lumberjack Festival activities and visiting an original craft market makes for a good excuse to spend a weekend here. As the name suggests, the festival has something to do with wood (madera in Spanish). In the 18th and 19th century most people in Cofrentes earned a living by floating timber along the rivers...

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NHW JAVEA UPDATENHW JAVEA UPDATETrader Spain2014-03-10 19:04
Burglary: I have to report that a house in Call Pic del Montasia has been burgled twice recently. The house is a holiday home and only checked weekly by cleaners. It does not have an alarm.The burglars gained entry by forcing off a reja then breaking the window. They stole some audio equipment and a laptop. They returned after the window had been fixed but not the reja and entered the same way. This time they stole a very large TV. In an area where many houses are used as holiday homes and vacant for long periods we need to...
3€ Charge for Medical cards in SpainTrader Spain2012-01-12 14:31
Replacement of the SIP medical card will now cost patients 3€. According to a recent report the replacement of lost or defaced sip cards cost the department of health around 900,000 €. The new admin fee of 3 € which is already in place in Galicia and the Balearic Islands (where the charge is 10€) came into force in the Valencia comunidad from January 1st. There is no admin charge for a new application only on replacement or renew of the Health card, so keep it somewhere safe.