July / Aug 2013


PEGO GOLF SOCIETY  THE MONTE PEGO CUP  Stableford CompetitionPEGO GOLF SOCIETY " THE MONTE PEGO CUP " Stableford...OLIVA NOVA GOLF COURSE TUESDAY 23rd of July 2013 Quote of the Week:- "While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on the rake in the bunker." Pego Golf Society presented 40 guests on parade this morning and were joined by seven guest players for the Pego Cup Stableford Competition. Our captain Michael Holloway welcomed the seven guest players today namely Doug Windle, Max Lutt, Sean Lutt, Steve Head, Keith Beer, Shane Berry and last but not least that well known Scotsman from a few years ago Robert Burns. This week we had a prize for our...Read More >>


TOP TIPS FOR WHAT TO DO - FOREST FIREbritIn light of the high risk of forest fires this season, British Consul Paul Rodwell discussed with Irene Rodríguez, Director of Emergencies for the Valencian...Read More >>
British Ambassador Giles Paxman congratulates Duke and Duchess of Cambridge...British ConsulateGiles Paxman, British Ambassador, has today written to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge offering congratulations on the Royal birth, on behalf of the British...Read More >>
Surge in demand for luxury property as Spain's new Residency...Lucas FoxLeading luxury international estate agency Lucas Fox has registered a tripling in enquiries from non-EU property investors following the Spanish government's approval of a new...Read More >>
Huge Surge in Sales of British Memorabilia Among ExpatsHuge Surge in Sales of British Memorabilia Among ExpatsmaxmediaintThe Olympics, Wimbledon & The Royal Birth Have all Contributed to a Huge Surge in Sales of British Memorabilia Among Expats. In the last year...Read More >>
Denia Cat Protection League – Aldea FelinDenia Cat Protection League – Aldea FelinTrader Spain  ROMEO is a romantic and very affectionate cat who will win your heart. He just wants to be loved and be around you. Calm and...Read More >>
Enter the worlds largest expat survey for your chance to WIN £1,000 cashEnter the world's largest expat survey for your chance to...Mark EdwardsIs the grass really greener on the other side? Calling all expatriates of any nationality! Have you moved overseas for a better quality of life...Read More >>
LETTING YOUR PASSPORT EXPIRE CAN COST MORE THAN YOU THINKBritish ConsulateLETTING YOUR PASSPORT EXPIRE CAN COST MORE THAN YOU THINK More than 6000 emergency passports issued in Spain last year. The number of emergency passports...Read More >>
Rockin; In The Freeworld for Cystic FibrosisRockin; In The Freeworld for Cystic FibrosisStue McCallBooks Costa Blanca and Grant A Wish, are proud announce the latest event in our successful Cystic Fibrosis CB, Rockin' in the Freeworld Tour.. on...Read More >>
Cheap International Call Provider Praise The Recent Reduction In EU...DWP  Since the 1st July 2013, using a mobile phone within EU countries has become much cheaper. Since 2007, the European commission has been working hard...Read More >>