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58% of Americans say Biden not respected by world leaders – survey

The numbers have flipped from 2021, when 58% felt he was held in high esteem

The majority of Americans do not believe that President Joe Biden is held in high esteem by other world leaders, a survey by global analytics and advisory firm Gallup revealed on Monday.

According to the findings, an overwhelming 58% of Americans say Biden is not respected by his peers, while only 37% believe he is. In comparison, in February 2021, shortly after Biden’s inauguration, 58% of respondents in a similar poll said they thought Biden is respected.

Interestingly, Biden’s current ‘respect’ rating, while the lowest in his career, in fact equals the highest performance of his predecessor in the White House and rival in this year’s presidential election, Donald Trump.

According to the agency, the results are on par with Biden’s most recent job approval ratings. A poll in February showed that 38% of Americans were satisfied with Biden’s performance, the lowest rating for any of the last seven presidents at the end of their first term, while 59% were not satisfied.

The latest Gallup poll was conducted through phone interviews with 1,016 US adults.

Biden’s approval ratings have been lagging for months amid widespread concerns over his age and mental state. A former White House physician and 83 US House Republicans even suggested last month that the incumbent president should take a cognitive test to prove his fitness for office. However, Biden’s latest medical exam – which did not include a cognitive test – found him healthy and fully “fit for duty.”

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Biden is 81 years old, the oldest president in US history, and has been known to make confusing and embarrassing public remarks, some of which have gone viral and have been widely mocked on social media. One of his latest gaffes happened during an interview with MSNBC this past Saturday, when he said that Washington made a mistake by going into Ukraine, when in fact he was referring to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.


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