NATO member’s president denounces ‘Glory to Ukraine’

Croatia’s Zoran Milanovic compared the slogan used by Kiev to that of Nazi-allied Ustasha from WWII President Zoran Milanovic on Wednesday criticized Croats who chanted “Slava Ukraini” (‘Glory to Ukraine’), … Read More

Macron wants ‘tangible’ security guarantees for Kiev

The French president has claimed that Ukraine is “protecting Europe” and deserves assurances from NATO French President Emmanuel Macron has argued that Ukraine is “protecting Europe” and should be provided … Read More

OPEC snubs major Western news outlets – media

Reuters and Bloomberg said they were not invited to cover the upcoming meeting of oil-producing countries The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has refused to invite reporters from … Read More

US House approves bill to raise debt ceiling

The legislation needed to avoid a default was passed on Wednesday, ahead of next week’s deadline The US House of Representatives approved a bill to raise the debt ceiling on … Read More

Amazon cameras used to spy on women – regulator

Surveillance company employees were given “dangerously overbroad access” to customers’ home security systems, the US government said Amazon-owned security camera company Ring has agreed to a $5.8 million settlement after … Read More

Meta condemns online news law

The tech giant has faced several separate legal battles over hosting news content in the US and abroad Meta has threatened to remove news from Facebook and Instagram in California … Read More

Ciudadanos party disappearance: death of Spanish centrism

​ Spain’s regional and municipal elections on Sunday have confirmed the disappearance of the centre-liberal party Ciudadanos (Renew Europe) from the political landscape, with record-low results followed by the party’s … Read More

Hydras, Medusas, Gorgons: Spanish left try to stop ‘mythological monsters’ of PP, Vox

​ With the early general elections in Spain less than two months away, the socialist party (PSOE/S&D) wants to exploit fear of an alliance between the centre-right Popular Party (PP/EPP) … Read More

Spanish left-wing platform Sumar registers as party ahead of snap elections

​ Left-wing electoral platform Sumar has been formally registered as a party to bring together civil society, academia, and leftist political forces together, hoping to counterbalance the rise of the … Read More

Catalan President calls for ‘democratic front’ to stop VOX

​ A united democratic front of all pro-independence parties in Catalonia is the only way to stop the surge of the right and far-right, and avoid a pact of all … Read More

Spain’s Far Left is thrashed at the elections promising a Right-Wing Coalition Government

After the Spanish left’s crushing defeat in local elections, Pedro Sánchez called for snap elections on July 23. Spain, which has had Europe’s most radical leftist coalition government in recent … Read More

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