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Russia to hike visa fees for Europeans – RBK

The move is a response to the withdrawal from travel agreements by the EU and other countries, sources have told the business outlet Russia will significantly increase visa fees for … Read More

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Taiwan probes claims of submarine program data leak

The prosecutors launched an inquiry into the allegations that information about its newest vessel was leaked to Beijing Taiwanese prosecutors are investigating the allegations that information about its first domestically … Read More

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UK to ban trans women from female hospital wards – Telegraph

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has called for “common-sense” policies in the NHS British Health Secretary Steve Barclay will propose to bar transgender women from female hospital wards, The Telegraph reported … Read More


‘Titanic effort’ required to repair relations with Kiev – Warsaw

The Poles’ trust in Ukraine has been “shaken” by the escalation of the grain dispute, the Polish foreign minister has said It will take a “titanic effort” to mend the … Read More

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White House sends message to Putin

The US will not let Russia “outlast” Kiev’s Western backers, Karine Jean-Pierre has said The US and its allies will continue to support Kiev in its conflict with Moscow, White … Read More

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UK minister calls for withdrawal from European Convention on Human Rights

The move was proposed as a way to deal with the tide of migrants Two more secretaries in British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s cabinet have come out in favor of … Read More

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Catalan separatist leader takes for granted that Spanish government will pass amnesty law

​ The Spanish government passing an amnesty law for those implicated in the 2017 secessionist attempt, to clear the way to reinstate the acting Prime Minister Pedro S?nchez, was taken … Read More

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Spanish parliament approves use of all official languages, EU postpones decision

​ The Spanish parliament approved the use of Catalan, Basque and Galician in all the institution’s working sessions on Tuesday, while EU representatives in Brussels decided to postpone the decision … Read More

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Thousands of right-wing activists march against S?nchez and ‘indignity’ of amnesty law

​ Tens of thousands of right-wing supporters marched against the ‘indignity’ of an amnesty law for those involved in the 2017 secessionist attempt in Catalonia, only a few days before … Read More

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Spanish parliament to hold first-ever fully multilingual session

​ The Spanish parliament will hold its first fully multilingual session on Tuesday, with interpreters for Catalan, Basque, and Galician – one of the non-negotiable ‘red lines’ set by Catalan … Read More

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Spanish Socialists urge EU ‘not to veto’ Catalan from joining EU-official languages

​ The Catalan branch of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSC) urged on Monday all EU member states not to veto a proposal to make Catalan a new official language of … Read More