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Bolivia’s Evo Morales announces 2025 presidential bid

The leftist leader plans to seek a fourth term after being ousted from power in what he called a US-backed coup Evo Morales, a leftist politician ousted from power in … Read More

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German chancellor meddling in Polish elections – Warsaw

Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau asked Berlin to respect its neighbor’s sovereignty German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has attempted to interfere in the Polish parliamentary election scheduled for next month, Polish Foreign … Read More

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West is ‘arrogant and hypocritical’ – Swiss watch boss

The head of Swatch Group lamented the abandonment of diplomacy as means to end the Ukraine conflict The West exhibits double standards when it comes to the Ukraine conflict and … Read More


Canadian parliament speaker ‘regrets’ honoring Nazi SS veteran

Anthony Rota apologized for leading a standing ovation for a Ukrainian man who fought in Adolf Hitler’s army Canada’s House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota has apologized for honoring a … Read More

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Germany rebukes neighbor over migrants

Berlin plans to introduce temporary control on borders with Poland and the Czech Republic to stem the inflow of migrants German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has demanded Warsaw clarify allegations about … Read More

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Austrian NATO cheerleader calls for bombing of Belgrade

Gunther Fehlinger, known for his inflammatory social media posts, said a shootout in Kosovo was a “Serb war” against the province Austrian economist and social media personality Gunther Fehlinger has … Read More

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Spanish parliament to hold first-ever fully multilingual session

​ The Spanish parliament will hold its first fully multilingual session on Tuesday, with interpreters for Catalan, Basque, and Galician – one of the non-negotiable ‘red lines’ set by Catalan … Read More

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Spanish Socialists urge EU ‘not to veto’ Catalan from joining EU-official languages

​ The Catalan branch of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSC) urged on Monday all EU member states not to veto a proposal to make Catalan a new official language of … Read More

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EU countries to slow Spain?s new official languages bid

​ European Union member states seek to study the financial and legal consequences of making Catalan, Basque, and Galician official EU languages, making it unlikely for the bloc to speedily … Read More

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S?nchez: Spain must ditch ‘peripheral’ role, offer EU leadership

​ It is high time Spain imposed itself as a leading EU country instead of staying “at the periphery,” Prime Minister Pedro S?nchez told the national employers association on Friday … Read More

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Spain’s Supreme Court dismisses appeals against Catalan separatists pardons

​ Spain’s Supreme Court on Friday rejected appeals filed by the far-right VOX party and centre-liberal Ciudadanos (Citizens) against the pardons granted by the government to two prominent Catalan separatists … Read More